There is a lot of info about this historical church. Here is an excerpt from the Missouri Historical Society.
"Dr. Fry Memorial Methodist Church at 2501 Clifton Avenue was founded in 1888 by Dr. Benjamin St. James Fry, who was one of the original developers of the Clifton Heights subdivision. He induced a colony of Methodists from Union M. E. Church to move into the area and formed the new church to meet their religious needs. The first services were held in Vera Hall, near Frisco Park, until after Dr. Fry's death in 1892, when the church on Clifton Avenue was erected in his memory. This edifice was destroyed by fire on February 16, 1904, in a blaze which was fought by a fire company from the World's Fair grounds. The church was rebuilt in 1905 from plans by architect William A. Cann."
The fire had an interesting twist as told by the church secretary on the day Dan and Lisa closed on the property. 
It seems that the church was purposely built up on top of a high hill to keep the "riff raff" out. As it turns out, the day of the fire was a very icy day. So icy, in fact, that the horse-drawn fire trucks could not make it up the hill and therefore the church burned to the ground. 
The building was purchased 3 days after their last service in June 2004. The membership had dwindled down to less than twenty members. 
The Pastor's office became a make-shift master bedroom and the classrooms upstairs became temporary bedrooms for the owner's daughters. Demolition began shortly after they left for college. 
This old building was quickly gutted and started from a blank canvas. A labor of love and lots of patience. Twelve years later, they are finally open!

About the Inn

Circa 1920s