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June 25, 2018

I have very fond memories of childhood watching my mother create beauty in her lap. She was always creating some sort of handmade creation. Be it a quilt, pillow or rag rug her hands were always busy. I was fascinated and learned at that young age to appreciate the items she made. Most times, I would watch and then try to mimic her designs with not much success. To her credit, she would take the time to teach me the latest “craft” but I didn’t have the patience to see most projects to completion. 

I often asked her as I matured why she didn’t just “use the machine?” Her response was always the same. “It means so much more to say “ handmade.” I believe that part of the reason was that she liked to be comfortable and cozy and she could work on her projects while snuggled up on the couch. I rarely saw her sitting at a machine. 

I have often thought of those conversations over the years as I sat pounding away at my machine working on my latest creation. My mother has since passed away but hi...

June 13, 2018

Saint Louis is the host to the “nation’s oldest and largest outdoor musical theatre” according to The St. Louis Muny’s website.  The idea of The Muny was formed back in 1917 by a group of St. Louisans  primarily made up of Mayor Henry Kiel, attorney Guy Golterman and the Parks Commissioner Nelson Cunliff. It took approximately forty-nine days to create the outdoor theatre. The first performance was Aida. By 1919, the theatre was called the St. Louis Municipal Theatre or “The Muny” for short. Robin Hoodwas the first performance under the new name. Mayor Kiel was recruited to play King Richard. For many years after, musical concerts took the stage with top named performers. The Muny quit offering concerts in 1991.

The Muny’s season, which only operates in the summer time, (mid-June to mid August) consists of about seven musicals. Shows run from Sunday to Monday. The facility seats 11,000 ticketed seats with an additional 1500 free seats in the rear of the amphithe...

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