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September 24, 2018

Summary of our week….

It has been a very busy week for us personally and at the inn. It is continues to amaze me the love that is all around us. The beginning of the week began with a flight home from Denver. While waiting in the airport I came across an adorable couple was waiting to board. Here was an elderly gentleman pushing his wife in a wheelchair to the gate. That in itself, amazed me. I was then honored to have an incredible conversation with him. He is a ninety-four year old World War II veteran. Spry doesn’t even begin to describe this beautiful soul. He allowed us to ask him questions and was very open with his answers. He was part of D-Day and landed on the beach in Normandy France. His description of that day gave me chills to say the least. He did not mind speaking of the day (as often, many war vets do…) In fact, he travels around the country with speaking engagements. Don’t forget he is ninety-four! His love for his country and love for his wife are abundant. I will not...

September 11, 2018


Alexander Posey, 1873 - 1908

In the dreamy silence
Of the afternoon, a
Cloth of gold is woven
Over wood and prairie;
And the jaybird, newly
Fallen from the heaven,
Scatters cordial greetings,
And the air is filled with
Scarlet leaves, that, dropping,
Rise again, as ever,
With a useless sigh for
Rest—and it is Autumn.

Good morning from Emigrant Montana!

I am in the privileged position of spending a week with dear old friends in the mountains of Montana. I have never been to Montana and am in awe of the expansive fields of hay, horses, elk, moose etc. The backdrop of the Abzoroka Mountain Range is out our back door and is awesome!

Autumn comes early up here in the mountains. Already the trees are beginning to change color and there is a definite crisp in the air each morning. 

I have always loved the fall. Not just because I was a fall baby, but because to me, fall always represents renewal. As a child, the excitement built as I drew nearer to the beginning of a new schoo...

September 3, 2018

Happy Monday! 

The word “restoration” has several meanings in the English Dictionary. At Clifton Heights Inn, it takes on two very important meanings. First, being the act of restoring as in taking this old building and breathing new life into it. Second, a restorative state of well-being. One of the most common remarks we get upon check out is how our guests feel restored. There are endless amounts of reasons for guests to cross our threshold. I often know the reason for their stay such as a birthday or anniversary. What is often not revealed at first is the perhaps the underlying reason for the getaway. Many times it comes out over breakfast. 

Last week we hosted two sisters who just needed a night away. One was visiting from Florida. They were super tight and very close in age. They finished each other sentences. I spent more time with them than I normally do with guests and I am so glad I did. Getting to know them was a privilege. One of the ladies was about to hit her 5 year mark of...

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