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November 12, 2018

As I have matured throughout the years I have become very fond of Thanksgiving. As a child, our small family sat around the table and enjoyed an overcooked turkey, canned cranberry sauce, boxed stuffing, canned green beans and packaged gravy. It was always delicious (except for the green beans) and I didn’t know any other way to celebrate that day or any other way of cooking. Even back then, when I had no physical involvement in the creating of the meal, I viewed that day as being special. The house always smelled amazing. We all seemed to get along, tread lightly and did our best to enjoy the meal. 

As I became an adult, married with children, my Thanksgiving morphed into a daylong celebration at my in-laws with young cousins playing on the floor and the adults all trying to pull the dinner together. Those Thanksgivings were wonderful. I didn’t have to clean house because we were going somewhere else for the day. My only requirement was to get my children ready and prese...

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