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March 20, 2019

Good morning from Clifton Heights Inn. I am SO glad to be able to say "Happy Spring!" I am not sure about you, but I feel that Father Winter has outworn his stay this year. We had more snow than usual here in St. Louis. Having said that, it really wasn't very much, just more than previous years. I enjoyed each and every one of those snow days. I love snow, I just strongly dislike winter. Hard to have one without the other. I am grateful for the peace and quiet snow brings. There is a cause for pause when it snows. Life slows down bit. 

Today I am trading the gifts of winter for the anticipation of green leaves and grass. I am currently away from the inn and will not return until the end of the month. My hopes is that some magical stuff will have occurred and my neighborhood will have awoke from it's long Winter nap. It's kind of like when you are out at a restaurant and you have been waiting a long time for your food to arrive.  You decide to use the restroom in hopes of returning to a...

March 13, 2019

We had two lovely couples stay with us this past weekend. One couple came to celebrate a birthday. The other came to see a play. We greet our guests with something to snack on and drinks upon arrival. I usually sneak away and let couples have time to be alone. This particular night, they were interested in hearing all about the inn and how it came to be. 

In turn, I asked about them about their lives. It did not take long to become engrossed in the conversation. One couple just had their 5thchild. As we spoke, I learned of their newborn son in the NICU ward at Children’s Hospital. 

What am amazing story of survival. He was born premature at just a little over 1 pound! These parents who live in Illinois, go every day to the hospital to visit this little guy. They celebrate small victories with this miracle of a baby. He is strong and is improving each day. Even though they came to town to celebrate a birthday, they ended up at the hospital instead. They just couldn’t stay away. When they...

March 3, 2019

“If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away” -Mark Twain

There is a lot of truth and meaning to that quote. I must admit that perhaps I have been especially sappy these past two weeks. No, not because it was Valentine’s Day but because my life took on a whole new meaning. I entered a new realm and have been dancing on air as I learn to appreciate just what this new position holds for me. 

On February 18th I became a grandmother for the first time. I was honored and blessed to be present when my grandson took his first breath of life. I will spare you the details but let me just say that it was a moment so magical that it will be forever etched in my soul. 

Some of my friends who are grandparents told me that just when you think you have exhausted all of your love for your children, you manage to open up little door and out pours more. Apparently that is true. By the time I left the hospital, I had already bonded with this tiny human and had fallen deeply in love. 

I wou...

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