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June 23, 2019

The past couple of weeks have been a great boost for St. Louis.  Not only did we celebrate winning the Stanley Cup, but we celebrated that win in huge “Bleed Blue” fashion. 

Our St. Louis Blues players returned home with the cup and a love for their St. Louis fans. Although tired and ready for rest, they stopped to speak to the press at 3 am on the tarmac and showed up at a local bar to celebrate with their fans. 

The parade downtown and rally under the arch was well run and the fans showed up in the tens of thousands. It was a sea of blue under the arch. People were in a good mood and there were no reports of violence of any kind. Everyone got along and celebrated together. 

Fast forward…I attended a Cardinals baseball game last Friday night. We were playing the Los Angeles Angels. Albert Pujols was returning to Busch Stadium for the first time since playing for the Red Birds. Getting in to the stadium was not easy prior to this game. It was packed outside, much like before a w...

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