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October 25, 2019

I recently traveled with a dear friend to the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The purpose of the trip was to celebrate my 60thbirthday. I decided some time ago that I wanted to experience my birthday in a healthy open-air environment. My friend of over 25 years agreed to take this journey with me. Honestly, it didn’t take much persuasion as she is very much about experiencing the great outdoors. 

After a couple of dinner meetings, cocktails and hovering over travel books we picked out destinations. Although I have been to the mountains several times in my life, Karen had not. She was excited about our trip. We both had our own assignments. I was in charge of picking out the towns and lodging and she was in charge of the events and experiences. This worked so very well and needed very little tweaking. 

Our trip was to take 8 days and we both decided to pack as much in (and as much as our suitcases would carry) as possible. We did a fair amount of cussing each time we had to schlep our overstuff...

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