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July 24, 2020

What an interesting year we've had? If someone had told me last fall that we would be fighting a worldwide pandemic I would have have challenged that person with a "you're crazy" look and tell them to stop reading those creepy Stephen King novels! Who knew with the shut down of our city, that my life would slow down to such a pace that I would be given time to read all of those novels if I wanted to! I will admit, that at first, with no place to go and some serious social distancing, I found a new love for peace and quiet. Zoom became my new drug of choice. With all of this free time, what to do? Well, I cleaned like crazy for a few weeks until that urge wore off! We repainted the guest rooms and my husband Dan refinished the sanctuary floors. That was a huge dusty undertaking but it is done now. That still left me with plenty of time to "get in trouble."

Speaking of trouble: As most of you know, we create our own home made soap here at Clifton Heights Inn. I have been playing around...

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