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May 10, 2018

This is my living room window. Every morning, as I leave our bedroom, I pass by this beautiful 20 foot work of art and marvel at the light coming in through this magnificent treasure.

I call this a “Living Window” because every moment of the day, it changes as the light moves overhead from east to west. Even on the dreariest of days, light flows through with a constant reminder of the work that it took to create this piece. It has withstood the test of time. It also endured some periodic damage by our contractors as they moved around with the scaffolding.

The world is a crazy place right now and there is much animosity being shared thru the news and social media. It’s easy to get caught up and to absorb the negativity those sources provide. As best as I try, the news can get me down at times. It is important to stay current with world events but it’s a fine line. All too often I find myself feeling hopeless and concerned about the world that we are handing over to future generations. Wha...

April 16, 2018

Childhood was taken for granted. As tiny humans, we were fed, clothed, housed and introduced to local happenings. We were not required to search out those things. Someone (presumably our parents or grandparents) guided us along with what they knew and passed it along. My childhood was filled with memories created by adults in my family and in my neighborhood. 

During the hot summer days, it was cooler to sit outside on our patio rather than to battle the sweltering heat inside. Waiting and hoping the temperature would drop enough for us to get a good night’s sleep.

Many nights were spent huddled around a transistor radio broadcasting the baseball game. Of course, as a small child, I had no idea what they were talking about but the sounds of the game combined with the hum of crickets created a symphony at sunset. One could go from house to house in our neighborhood and find the dads sitting in their lawn chairs, watering lawns while listening to the game.

As we grew, we were taken to games...

April 9, 2018

We had wonderful guests this weekend. They were busy running around all weekend spending time with family and friends who live here in town. I didn’t see a whole lot of them except at breakfast each morning.

As I served up their meals each day, we chatted and I found through conversation with them that we had a lot in common as parents and innkeepers. The first breakfast I spent most of my time talking with them as they ate. We asked questions of each other and shared stories.

The following morning I made a comment to my husband that perhaps I stayed too long and did not give them a chance to just be alone during their breakfast to talk with each other. I informed him that I would hold back a bit the second morning and not engage as much. I didn’t want to come across as the chatty innkeeper.

As they approached the dining area, they grabbed a cup of coffee and instead of heading to their table, they grabbed bar stools and sat down at the breakfast bar where I was preparing food. The conver...

April 1, 2018

Easter has never fallen on April Fool's Day in my life time. In addition, the most snow that has ever been recorded on Easter in Saint Louis was 1" in 1917. We might very well exceed that statistic as we are in for some crazy rain, sleet and snow today. It's been a very wet couple of weeks here in the Lou and having raised three girls, I know how disappointed a little girl can be when she is told she has to cover up her pretty Easter outfit with a puffy coat, mittens and boots just to go to church!

As dreary and damp as it has been, young spirits in yesterday's activities were not dampened, despite the cold and wet environment of the Clifton Heights Easter Egg Hunt. Families came out with their young children with baskets in hand eagerly awaiting the announcement to "go!" Little kids everywhere running up the hills, snatching colored eggs with their patient parents close behind doing their best to cover their children with umbrellas.

It was a great showing, all things considered. If you...

March 19, 2018

OK, maybe not but….

It is a wonderful time for us. Our daughter Annie is marrying a great guy and we couldn’t be more excited about it! Zach has become one of us! Not only has he joined up with a mostly female family but has done it with grace.

We are headed down to Austin Texas to create some great memories as a family. The wedding will be a simple ceremony by a Justice of the Peace but festivities will be going on all week with lots of family time to explore and spend time together. Zach’s family lives in Austin and we are excited to share this time with them.

As a mom, I have always fantasized what this time would be like when one of my three daughters married. I have been in the wedding business for a long time and consider myself an expert at pulling off the perfect day. When it came to planning Annie’s wedding, I was put to task to plan a whole different experience. At first, I was taken back by the details. They were not what I had envisioned and to be honest I was absolutely thril...

March 11, 2018

My Love Affair with Lavender     

It all started quite innocently. I had not planned on it. I wasn’t looking for it and yet there it was – an opportunity that although started out as a friendly working relationship suddenly, and without notice, turned into something I couldn’t live without.

The attraction was not immediate. I felt a slow growing affection towards this intoxicating element. Before I knew it, I was incorporating Lavender into my daily routine.  If I missed a day, I felt a longing. This new element in my life was exciting and I became addicted to its presence.  How could I incorporate this aroma without causing people around me to talk? To think I had become someone they thought they knew? I decided to be covert and introduce this new element slowly and gradually.

Lavender became a part of me. A part of my soul. If I went too long without its existence, I felt a longing – an absence.  I found new ways to keep Lavender in my life. Healthy ways. It has seeped in...

March 3, 2018

The wedding weekend was wonderful. The family that we hosted here were the best! From the very first meeting with Hope, the bride, to the moment she and her new husband Jason walked out the front door the day after the wedding was memorable. Getting to know Hope and her family history was the icing on the cake for us. Knowing that her grandparents were married here almost eighty years ago made this weekend magical. It was a VERY busy weekend for us and yet we enjoyed every minute. When it was all said and done, we felt tired but a bit sad that it was over. Getting to know this family was special and we will not forget them. They have set the bar VERY high as far as nice guests go! Thank you Hope and Jason for trusting us with your very important weekend. Here is a pic of the family posing on the same steps as Hope's Grandparents in 1939!

February 14, 2018

We are on the move this week! We have a rehearsal dinner, wedding and Sunday brunch this weekend. We couldn't be more excited about making a magical weekend happen for the Bride. It is especially meaningful due to the fact that her grandparents were married here in 1939. When Hope approached me last Summer and asked to get a tour I was delighted that she wanted to be married here. 

The weather is supposed to be relatively cooperative (as much as can be expected in February.) She has been wonderful to work with and I hope that we exceed her expectations. 

Here is a picture of Hope's Grandparents! 

 It's going to be a great time! 

January 31, 2018

Welcome to Clifton Heights Inn! In the very near future, I will be posting here. It has been a bit crazy getting this Bed and Breakfast open. As soon as the dust settles a bit and I have my "groove" I will be back and writing on a regular basis. Thanks for checking in!

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