Unending Love

My Love Affair with Lavender

It all started quite innocently. I had not planned on it. I wasn’t looking for it and yet there it was – an opportunity that although started out as a friendly working relationship suddenly, and without notice, turned into something I couldn’t live without.

The attraction was not immediate. I felt a slow growing affection towards this intoxicating element. Before I knew it, I was incorporating Lavender into my daily routine. If I missed a day, I felt a longing. This new element in my life was exciting and I became addicted to its presence. How could I incorporate this aroma without causing people around me to talk? To think I had become someone they thought they knew? I decided to be covert and introduce this new element slowly and gradually.

Lavender became a part of me. A part of my soul. If I went too long without its existence, I felt a longing – an absence. I found new ways to keep Lavender in my life. Healthy ways. It has seeped into my veins. A life force. Sound intriguing?

In reality, it started with a candle given to me from a friend about 10 years ago that was heavily scented with a Lavender Essential Oil. I burned that candle often and became very fond of the aroma. I bought several books on healing herbs and their benefits and began experimenting with Aromatherapy. Back in the early 2000’s we had bought this old church and had begun renovating it. It was a stressful time to say the least and I found by soaking cotton balls in lavender and then placing inside my pillowcase, I would sleep more peacefully. From there, I began making candles which led to home made soaps, bath salts, bath tea bags and salt scrubs. My family and friends became Lavender guinea pigs.

I learned last year that by rubbing Lavender Essential Oil on the bottoms of my feet right before bed would also ensure a peaceful sleep. I take it one step further and rub it on the area right under my nose so that I inhale it when drifting off to sleep. Lavender is known to have anti-anxiety properties. My whole bedroom smells like lavender and it is so inviting after a long day. I now have Lavender in all of the products that I make for our Bed and Breakfast. I also offer a fragrance-free product just in case someone does not share my insane attraction!

Do I worry what people will think of my unconventional relationship with Lavender? Am I concerned that people will wonder if I have lost my mind because of my closeness with this intoxication? Not in the least! Let them talk! I couldn’t be happier!

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