Snow on Easter? Is this an April Fool's Joke??

Easter has never fallen on April Fool's Day in my life time. In addition, the most snow that has ever been recorded on Easter in Saint Louis was 1" in 1917. We might very well exceed that statistic as we are in for some crazy rain, sleet and snow today. It's been a very wet couple of weeks here in the Lou and having raised three girls, I know how disappointed a little girl can be when she is told she has to cover up her pretty Easter outfit with a puffy coat, mittens and boots just to go to church!

As dreary and damp as it has been, young spirits in yesterday's activities were not dampened, despite the cold and wet environment of the Clifton Heights Easter Egg Hunt. Families came out with their young children with baskets in hand eagerly awaiting the announcement to "go!" Little kids everywhere running up the hills, snatching colored eggs with their patient parents close behind doing their best to cover their children with umbrellas.

It was a great showing, all things considered. If you blinked, it was over! It went by so fast. Although I don't have little ones anymore, it was fun to just be a part of this wonderful neighborhood gathering. All for the sake of watching little ones run with excitement and joy. Happy Easter everyone!


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