A Beauty to Behold

This is my living room window. Every morning, as I leave our bedroom, I pass by this beautiful 20 foot work of art and marvel at the light coming in through this magnificent treasure.

I call this a “Living Window” because every moment of the day, it changes as the light moves overhead from east to west. Even on the dreariest of days, light flows through with a constant reminder of the work that it took to create this piece. It has withstood the test of time. It also endured some periodic damage by our contractors as they moved around with the scaffolding.

The world is a crazy place right now and there is much animosity being shared thru the news and social media. It’s easy to get caught up and to absorb the negativity those sources provide. As best as I try, the news can get me down at times. It is important to stay current with world events but it’s a fine line. All too often I find myself feeling hopeless and concerned about the world that we are handing over to future generations. What can I do? How can I make a difference? How can I be part of the shift that is needed. Although I struggle to find the answers, I do my best to observe the beauty that is all around us.

I gave a tour this week to two lovely ladies that attended this church long ago. They were delightful and engaging. They were pleasantly surprised to see their old house of worship converted into a functioning bed and breakfast. They were kind with their words and appreciated the safekeeping of the large stained glass windows they admired so much. I shared with them my morning joy of drinking in the colorful light these windows provide. They understood.

Beginning my day with joy and light helps to spread that joy to others as I move thru my day. For me, it is the answer to those questions. Spread joy. I can’t say I do this everyday, but it's my goal.

The unexpected pleasure of this business is the connections I make with perfect strangers. I find delight in chatting with them and learning their story. Everyone has one. Sometimes all we have to do is listen. I have yet to have a guest speak of current events. Most conversations are about their lives. It feeds my soul. I love this old building and am so grateful for the beauty it provides.


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