The Essence of True Love

How does one define true love?

I just spent the weekend with a couple of lovebirds I was honored to have here as our guests. Admittedly, I was not prepared for a 5 day visit with this senior couple. Upon arrival, they needed my assistance with their luggage. I quickly thought, incorrectly, this couple was going to need a lot of help. Wow, I was wrong. I learned quite a lot about the human spirit and about late in life connections.

John (80) and Peggy (86) are newlyweds. Well, not really, they have been married for about 8 years now, but they ACTED like newlyweds! As stated in previous blogs, this business is all about connections. I have come to expect a great connection with my guests, but this couple really stole my heart.

This is a second marriage for both. They both lost their first spouses after many years of marriage. They allowed me to ask them personal questions about finding love after their long marriage to their previous spouses. They were quick to say that they were not looking to replace but to start over. They also said that it was a quick courtship, as they both knew what they were looking for (or NOT looking for) in a new partner.

It was fascinating to observe this couple interact. For example: Peggy was much quicker to breakfast than John. She sat downstairs any where from a half hour to an hour waiting for him to descend the stairs. She never complained. She sat there patiently chatting with me until he arrived at the breakfast table. Peggy on the other hand, could be quite forgetful and not once did John correct her but repeated the information with patience and love. They are a true testament to love found late-in-life. Their recall of how they met was a treasure to hear.

John and Peggy were here for a graduation. There was a purpose to this trip. They do not have any more graduations to attend in St. Louis. I doubt very seriously if they will ever cross our threshold again, but that is certainly not the end of this friendship. They live in a town that we visit quite frequently and we plan to call them for dinner next time we are there. I told them they are part of my tribe now and I sincerely meant it. I was sad to see them go. What a lovely couple. How blessed we are to have met them. The very best and continued good health to John and his blushing bride Peggy.

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