The Art of Handmade

I have very fond memories of childhood watching my mother create beauty in her lap. She was always creating some sort of handmade creation. Be it a quilt, pillow or rag rug her hands were always busy. I was fascinated and learned at that young age to appreciate the items she made. Most times, I would watch and then try to mimic her designs with not much success. To her credit, she would take the time to teach me the latest “craft” but I didn’t have the patience to see most projects to completion.

I often asked her as I matured why she didn’t just “use the machine?” Her response was always the same. “It means so much more to say “ handmade.” I believe that part of the reason was that she liked to be comfortable and cozy and she could work on her projects while snuggled up on the couch. I rarely saw her sitting at a machine.

I have often thought of those conversations over the years as I sat pounding away at my machine working on my latest creation. My mother has since passed away but hints of her still linger. I asked my husband yesterday to repair a small sewing cabinet that belonged to her. In order to do that, the drawer had to be removed. Inside were all different shapes and sizes of scissors, threads, thimbles etc. All the tools she needed to accomplish her sewing goals. It took me back, for just a few minutes to my youth. To a time when there was nothing to do in the evening but to hang out, watch TV as my mom sat next to me with busy hands. Simple joy.

Although I never really caught on to hand-sewing, I did learn the art of the machine and took joy in making my children’s clothes, costumes and various home décor. To be fair, handmade does not exclusively mean hand-sewn, but rather made “at home” and not factory made. In that sense, I guess I made the cut.

Somehow, I managed to pass this love of sewing on to one of my daughters. Laura is so very talented and although she has a full time teaching job, her craft of handmade items has really taken form and she is busy filling orders.

My sister Maria is also quite talented making custom made pillows. What started as a quilt business quickly morphed into a crazy creative pillow business. Maria is already busy filling orders for Christmas!

The three of us have a real love for sewing, all in our unique ways. I am so proud of these women and love what they do. They inspire me every day. If you would like to see some of their work or to buy a very unique gift, the links are below. Have a great day everyone and know that during the craziest of times, there is beauty all around us.

Laura Macheca’s handmade items can be found at:

Maria Macheca’s creations can be found at:


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