Happy Monday!

The word “restoration” has several meanings in the English Dictionary. At Clifton Heights Inn, it takes on two very important meanings. First, being the act of restoring as in taking this old building and breathing new life into it. Second, a restorative state of well-being. One of the most common remarks we get upon check out is how our guests feel restored. There are endless amounts of reasons for guests to cross our threshold. I often know the reason for their stay such as a birthday or anniversary. What is often not revealed at first is the perhaps the underlying reason for the getaway. Many times it comes out over breakfast.

Last week we hosted two sisters who just needed a night away. One was visiting from Florida. They were super tight and very close in age. They finished each other sentences. I spent more time with them than I normally do with guests and I am so glad I did. Getting to know them was a privilege. One of the ladies was about to hit her 5 year mark of being cancer free. Come January, she will be "restored" to a life with no medicine. She is looking forward to celebrating that day. These sisters have a very special bond, even living miles apart.

I made a conscious decision last week to take a break from the news. I found that all of the negativity was dampening my spirit. It was like a bad car wreck, I just couldn’t look away. It’s as if I was intentionally pouring soured cream into my coffee each morning. In place of the news, I chose to take the week listening to wise words from teachers around the world. There was a common thread among them. Although it is not a new notion by any means, somehow I forgot a very basic principle of the universe: We are all connected. Every thing we do, think and say affects other people and that the real reason we are all here is love. Love comes in many different forms but is the root of connection. I have the privilege of not only experiencing true authentic love but have the honor of observing it from an innkeeper’s perspective.

Circling back to the idea of restoration. I am lucky to have the gift of offering that to others. Be it at our inn or on our boat. We closed the inn for the holiday weekend and hosted two dear friends on our boat in Florida. It was such a nice weekend and my hopes are that they left feeling restored from the every day life of craziness. It is an amazing transformation to watch someone relax and take the helm of this old beautiful boat out on the open water. Being out on the open sea is magical and one cannot help but let go and just be part of it. Due to news withdrawal, it occurred to me this morning as they left to go home that because I wasn’t overly informed as to what was going on in the world, I had nothing to share. No bad news, no ugly discussions. The news did not come up in conversation. Not once. The lack of those conversations allowed me to fill with goodness, laughter and a deeper connection of love with those around me.

This path suits me. I think I shall continue on being “unaware” of the daily dose of negativity. Love is what makes the world go round and that can't possibly happen when the sharing of negative info continues. I'm just doing my part. This is our last day on the water. Back home to business tomorrow.

Have a great day my friends!


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