Alexander Posey, 1873 - 1908

In the dreamy silence Of the afternoon, a Cloth of gold is woven Over wood and prairie; And the jaybird, newly Fallen from the heaven, Scatters cordial greetings, And the air is filled with Scarlet leaves, that, dropping, Rise again, as ever, With a useless sigh for Rest—and it is Autumn.

Good morning from Emigrant Montana!

I am in the privileged position of spending a week with dear old friends in the mountains of Montana. I have never been to Montana and am in awe of the expansive fields of hay, horses, elk, moose etc. The backdrop of the Abzoroka Mountain Range is out our back door and is awesome!

Autumn comes early up here in the mountains. Already the trees are beginning to change color and there is a definite crisp in the air each morning.

I have always loved the fall. Not just because I was a fall baby, but because to me, fall always represents renewal. As a child, the excitement built as I drew nearer to the beginning of a new school year and rejoining with my friends. Summer came to an end and although I was never glad to see it go, I knew that fall brought such promise of cool down nights, colorful leaves falling and the planning of fall festivities.

I am spending this week with some of those friends. The group consists of grade school and high school friends. It is such a lovely time with people that feel like a comfortable pair of sneakers. These friends are part of those memories of rejoining and making plans for weekends. What a gift this trip has been. Although we are aging and show clear signs of aging bodies, once seated around a table, our playful teenage selves reappear and it’s as if no time has changed at all. We are transformed and a contagious laugh begins. I am so grateful for these souls.

My olfactory senses are the most heightened in the Autumn. Growing up, burning leaves was a anticipated smell each weekend until around Thanksgiving. Everyone burned their leaves and it was a signal to my brain that Winter was coming. Burning leaves gave way to collecting and either composting or bagging and sending off with the yard waste truck. Small confession: I still burn a small pile of leaves while raking just to give my sense of smell a bit of nostalgia. It is a strong childhood memory.

Fall brings with it so much to do! Baking pumpkin pies, preparing for winter fires, changing out closets from summer wardrobe to comfy sweaters, wool socks and decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving are just a few things I look forward to each year. I am not a fan of winter but I gratefully pay the price in exchange for such a beautiful fall St. Louis presents each year.

Due to experiencing a higher elevation this week, I got a head start on the taste of fall. It really is my favorite time of year. I will return home next week and begin preparations for fall at Clifton Heights Inn. I am planning romance weekend packages that will include a fire pit, s’mores and hot tasty drinks. Stay tuned!

Let the smells begin…..

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