A Week of Love

Summary of our week….

It has been a very busy week for us personally and at the inn. It is continues to amaze me the love that is all around us. The beginning of the week began with a flight home from Denver. While waiting in the airport I came across an adorable couple was waiting to board. Here was an elderly gentleman pushing his wife in a wheelchair to the gate. That in itself, amazed me. I was then honored to have an incredible conversation with him. He is a ninety-four year old World War II veteran. Spry doesn’t even begin to describe this beautiful soul. He allowed us to ask him questions and was very open with his answers. He was part of D-Day and landed on the beach in Normandy France. His description of that day gave me chills to say the least. He did not mind speaking of the day (as often, many war vets do…) In fact, he travels around the country with speaking engagements. Don’t forget he is ninety-four! His love for his country and love for his wife are abundant. I will not easily forget this man of strength. He quickly drew a crowd as he spoke. We all thanked him for his service.

This past weekend we hosted a couple from Memphis. What a wonderful display of budding love. They had both been married before. They were a delight to have stay here and I was sad to say goodbye. The most important lesson learned with getting to know them was that love blooms at any time! Somehow they managed to find each other in mid-life and although I am no expert (just a hopeless romantic,) I have no doubt that this couple will be lifelong partners. What a joy to witness such freshness and kindness they showed one another. There was a magical flow between them. I wish them the very best.

In addition, we also hosted a baby shower for an incredibly nice family. The mom of the woman expecting was so excited about this shower and the love for her daughter was quite evident. Her attention to detail and the need to make this perfect for her soon-to-be grandchild was fun to observe. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of a celebration and constantly reminded thru the process just how great love is. Two of my daughters assisted me in making the day happen and I too, benefitted from the love of my own tribe as we flowed in and out of the event making sure things went smoothly.

It was a great week.

Next weekend, we are hosting a birthday party for a lovely lady in her seventies. Can’t wait for the hustle and bustle once more. Have a wonderful week everybody and remember to share the love. The rewards are plentiful!

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