Success Comes in Many Forms

Winter Boutique

That statement passed thru my head many times this past week. Clifton Heights Inn held their first Winter Boutique a week ago today. It was a great day all around. We had some very talented vendors who not only displayed their items beautifully but also did quite well in sales. As I wormed my way around the room (it was quite crowded most of the time,) I paused at these tables and reminded myself just how much work went into each and every handmade item. It is obvious that even though these artists were there to sell their items, there was also an abundance of creativity.

Many people (including myself) need a creative outlet. It fills a purpose. Finding a craft and honing it takes time and reflection. Honestly, I find the journey much more rewarding than the finished product. For me, it is soap making. Personally, I find making soap therapeutic and fulfilling. I am never going to get rich selling it but I find great joy in creating it and giving it away.

This past event was a collective effort. It took a village to create the day. This came in many forms from close friends and family coming together to decorate this magic space for Christmas to the angels that helped me break it all down and clean up till the bitter end.

Sunday was a successful day in so many ways. The vendors did well and prospered. People were offered a yummy “to go” meal and friends found a comfy spot to sit and visit. I saw friends I haven’t seen in a while and made new ones. To me, this was a great day of gathering friends, visitors and family. It takes a village to bring this all together and the reward was success all around. A special thank you to our Facebook friends who shared our event and "checked in." It really does take a village. Have a great week!

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