Abundance of Love

“If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away” -Mark Twain

There is a lot of truth and meaning to that quote. I must admit that perhaps I have been especially sappy these past two weeks. No, not because it was Valentine’s Day but because my life took on a whole new meaning. I entered a new realm and have been dancing on air as I learn to appreciate just what this new position holds for me.

On February 18th I became a grandmother for the first time. I was honored and blessed to be present when my grandson took his first breath of life. I will spare you the details but let me just say that it was a moment so magical that it will be forever etched in my soul.

Some of my friends who are grandparents told me that just when you think you have exhausted all of your love for your children, you manage to open up little door and out pours more. Apparently that is true. By the time I left the hospital, I had already bonded with this tiny human and had fallen deeply in love.

I would like to believe that the love I have received from those closest to me, I have received as a result of giving love. Deep love comes in many forms. I find that the people that I love, I do so in many different ways. My love for my children is quite different from the love I have for my husband. My close friends are a different (albeit no less) a different kind. I think that love is universal and if we were to break it down to an organic level we would probably experience love in its purest form. Without varying degrees or levels of which to measure by.

Honestly, when I held my grandson for the first time, I felt as though we have always known each other. There was an instant connection. Am I crazy? Am I imagining this? Perhaps, but I think this is how true love forms - in a blink of an eye.

Happy Sunday everyone!

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