Fragile Life

We had two lovely couples stay with us this past weekend. One couple came to celebrate a birthday. The other came to see a play. We greet our guests with something to snack on and drinks upon arrival. I usually sneak away and let couples have time to be alone. This particular night, they were interested in hearing all about the inn and how it came to be.

In turn, I asked about them about their lives. It did not take long to become engrossed in the conversation. One couple just had their 5thchild. As we spoke, I learned of their newborn son in the NICU ward at Children’s Hospital.

What am amazing story of survival. He was born premature at just a little over 1 pound! These parents who live in Illinois, go every day to the hospital to visit this little guy. They celebrate small victories with this miracle of a baby. He is strong and is improving each day. Even though they came to town to celebrate a birthday, they ended up at the hospital instead. They just couldn’t stay away. When they got there, they were told that he had been moved out of the incubator to a “big boy” bed. That was huge news! These parents were elated at breakfast. They were planning on returning to the hospital after breakfast.

This mom and dad seem to take their life in stride. They did not complain but instead, exuded joy and hope. At four pounds, this little bundle of joy will be going home very soon. I fed them breakfast, wished them well and sent them on their way.

As the day passed, I thought quite a lot about this couple. Every now and then, the notion strikes me just how fragile life can be. As humans, we are built for survival. Even against all odds. There are all sorts of victories to celebrate. I for one, have much to celebrate. My new grandson is smiling this week. A dear friend got very good news about her cancer being gone. The weekend ended with my family here for dinner, grinning ear to ear as they held my new grandson in their arms. Such simple joy!

Have a great day everybody!

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