Nog or No Nog? That is the Question

It is Christmas morning and I have chosen to spend Christmas in a warm climate. Dan and I coaxed our children to come with us. It didn't take much persuasion! This is our first Christmas with our new grandson and I couldn't be happier basking in the glow that I get to spend such quality time with him during this vacation. He is 10 months old and such a joy. I can't get enough of him! Borderline gluttony.

That brings me to my next thought. Gluttony. Guilty as charged! People who know me know I have battled my weight my whole adult life. I have tried every diet known to man. Honestly, they all work, if you do them.... Due to having the attention span of a flea, I could win an award for the biggest goals and the shortest amount of time actually trying to achieve them. One fail after another. Yes, at times I have managed to hit my target weight only to sabotage it with a slippery slope of Halloween candy, sliding right into Thanksgiving, Christmas. You get the idea.

This year has been a win for me. I started a commitment back in March and have (for the most part) stuck with it. I am happy where I am and it feels great to get back into old clothes. Not going to lie, it hasn't been easy. It has been a long road of counting macros and exercising. None the less, the results have been very rewarding.

So now what? Well, the thing is, life gets in the way. Being on this journey has had so many upsides. Too many to list here but nowI am in the position of having to learn yet another lesson. The lesson of moderation. One cannot live on a restricted diet all of the time. We must take a break now and then and not get all freaked out at the scale should we decide to have dessert after dinner. This has been a hard concept for me as I am sure the scale is going to reflect my "bad behavior" the next day. Breaking news! It doesn't. Actually it can take a few days (after getting back to "business") when I have forgotten all about that cheesecake I devoured in three bites over the weekend. It's a vicious cycle.

So what to do? Well, here's my advice. Eat the cake, live your life and then get back to "business" the next day. One bad day of eating will not spoil the progress. It is Christmas morning and I am the only one up so far. I am plotting the pig-out breakfast I plan to make as soon as everyone wakes up. Tomorrow I will get back on the horse, but today it is Egg Nog baby! All day long!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

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