It's been a while!

What an interesting year we've had? If someone had told me last fall that we would be fighting a worldwide pandemic I would have have challenged that person with a "you're crazy" look and tell them to stop reading those creepy Stephen King novels! Who knew with the shut down of our city, that my life would slow down to such a pace that I would be given time to read all of those novels if I wanted to! I will admit, that at first, with no place to go and some serious social distancing, I found a new love for peace and quiet. Zoom became my new drug of choice. With all of this free time, what to do? Well, I cleaned like crazy for a few weeks until that urge wore off! We repainted the guest rooms and my husband Dan refinished the sanctuary floors. That was a huge dusty undertaking but it is done now. That still left me with plenty of time to "get in trouble." Speaking of trouble: As most of you know, we create our own home made soap here at Clifton Heights Inn. I have been playing around with bath salts and gourmet salts for years and decided to start a side business. I have spent the last 5 months developing and marketing new products. They have already been integrated into our business as two recent brides have chosen our small party favor versions as their give-aways. If you are interested take a look!

Back to business....We are opening (soft) August 1st. What that means is that we are open for business! Due to COVID, we will be adhering to strict CDC guidelines. All surfaces will be sanitized daily. All guest rooms will remain "in quarantine" for 3 days after the guest's departure. Then it will be cleaned. As of today's date, we will not go in to guest rooms to "refresh" the room. We will not enter the room during your stay. Once COVID is beyond us we will go back to our normal practices of making beds, straightening up bathrooms etc. The City of St. Louis is requiring mask wearing indoor all public spaces which includes us. We will be wearing a mask when engaging with you. That is all for now. We miss you and sincerely hope that you will find a reason to come visit us soon! Take care and stay well!

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